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Learn how Discovery has deployed cloud automation Bots to reduce cost, improve security and ensure compliance across its cloud infrastructure.

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Standard Bots to common cloud problems…

Fix Security Rules

Security Rule Audit

Inspects access lists such as AWS Security Groups, Azure Network Security Groups and Google Compute Engine Firewalls for the presence of ports/protocols which are open to the world and delete noncompliant rules.

Clean Up Shadow IT

Orphaned Resources

Identify and delete orphaned resources to reduce costs and attack surface (unattached volumes, load balancers with no nodes, unassigned public IP, etc.)

Scheduled Downtime

Scheduled Instances

Schedules instances to stop at night, weekends or holidays when they are not in use saving upwards of 50% monthly costs.

Ensure MFA

MFA on Root Accounts

Inspects cloud accounts for global root accounts without MFA (multi-factor authentication) enabled and revoke the root credentials, or enable MFA.

Automate Retention

Volumes without Recent Snapshots

Identifies compute volumes such as AWS EBS which have not had a snapshot/backup in the past X days and automatically create schedule backup.

Delete Stale Snapshots

Stale Snapshots

Finds snapshots of compute volumes (ex. AWS’s Elastic Block Storage) older than a user-defined threshold and deletes them…saving money and reducing shadow IT.


Take Action Now

Bots take autonomous action to correct noncompliance and reduce cloud sprawl

Assess Cloud Health

Up to the minute visibility into public and private cloud deployments

Get Started Fast

Marketplace with 100+ starter Bots to assess, automate, and optimize across clouds


Build programmatic Bots to enforce custom policies and remediation actions

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