Our Story

The year was 2009 and Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: EA), the $3.8B gaming company, was making a huge strategic bet by moving some of its products “into the Cloud.” The infrastructure team (including DivvyCloud founders Brian, Chris, and Andrew) were tasked with making this cloud vision a reality. They quickly found managing over 5,000 servers, in five different countries, with millions of paying subscribers in a hybrid-cloud environment to be an incredibly complex, time consuming, and risky proposition. At the time, there were simply no tools to provide a consolidated view and automation framework for resources spread across different public and private clouds. Ultimately, in 2012 the team left EA and poured their experiences and expertise into building DivvyCloud, the unified Cloud Management and Automation Technology they had come to envision.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson CEO

    Brian leads DivvyCloud’s technical vision of how we enable the future of cloud computing. He is singularly focused on the success of our customers and creating a great place to work and innovate.

  • Chris DeRamus
    Chris DeRamus CCO

    As Chief Customer Officer, Chris is responsible for product operations and the customer experience. He is extremely passionate about ensuring our software, delivery and support processes align to create maximum value for our customers.

  • Peter Scott
    Peter Scott COO

    Peter leads DivvyCloud’s go-to-market activities, commercial strategies and business operations. He drives the business to align with our innovative technology creating market differentiation and customer value.

  • Peter Snelgrove
    Peter Snelgrove Dev Side
  • Timothy Clise
    Timothy Clise Biz Side
  • Randi Fuller
    Randi Fuller Biz Side
  • Jeremy Snyder
    Jeremy Snyder Biz Side
  • Scott Dragonetti
    Scott Dragonetti Biz Side
  • Sophie Kirschner
    Sophie Kirschner Dev Side
  • Matt Doetsch-Kidder
    Matt Doetsch-Kidder Dev Side
  • John Grogan
    John Grogan Intern