Watch this video case study and learn about:

  • GE’s application modernization and cloud strategy
  • What is the GE Bot Army?
  • How DivvyCloud enables GE to automate compliance at scale
  • Bots that enforce security, cost and performance policy

Bot Factory:

  • Learn how to build automation bots at scale
  • How programmatic policy is configured
  • View resources working across different cloud technologies
  • See the history actions

Scheduled Instance Overview

  • System enables automatic spinning down of capacity when not needed-or-used
  • Apply 9-to-5 start/stop policy for instances in a resource group
  • Optionally, keep compute power offline during weekends
  • Schedules are auto-applied as resources are added-or-removed to groups
  • Illustrate how to access and configure schedules

Resource Groups Overview

  • How to group resources for improved visibility and access control
  • Automatically curate resources using metadata association
  • Get insights into spend in different areas of your cloud footprint
  • View multi-region, multi-cloud resources from a single-pane-of-glass
  • Set permissions to ensure appropriate user access

Security Group Audit Bot

  • Review lack of tags in AWS for security groups
  • How to add Notes to resources within DivvyCloud
  • Using Notes to foster improved collaboration and communication
  • Resource Notes working across different cloud technologies

Plugin System – Region Whitelist

  • Identify how to load automation Bots into the platform
  • Overview the hookpoint system for created, modified, and deleted resource events
  • Quick tutorial with an example plugin and how the different components work together
  • Live example of how to mitigate resources being spun up in unauthorized regions

Platform Overview

  • Identify non-compliant resources in Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
  • Learn how to modify and create new policies and set responses to Policy Violation
  • Gain visibility of resources across multiple clouds
  • An Introduction to the DivvyCloud policy engine