Cloud Community

DivvyCloud is committed to collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, partners and the technical communities we help support. Cloud computing is, and will continue to be, an extremely dynamic, fast-changing space.

We recognize and embrace the fact that great ideas and products will come from a deep understand and collaboration with our customers and partners. We also support of the technical and business communities that help contribute to all our future success.

Cloud Partners

AWS Partner Network

Amazon Web Services


APN is a 3-tiered program comprised of Consulting and Technology Partners, who graduate through the tiers based on their level of engagement with AWS. In addition, partners can join fundamental programs designed to support their unique AWS-based business.

Dynamo Technologies

Dynamo Technologies

Dynamo Technologies, LLC (“Dynamo”) was founded by CEO Alex Duan September 2012 to address a need for high-value and cost competitive technical expertise within the US federal government. They offer a variety of cloud services ranging from greenfield implementation to migration.

Communities of Interest



OpenStack is a free and open-source software cloud computing software platform and is primarily deployed as a corporate infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution. It has quickly risen to one of the most popular open source projects on the Internet with thousands of contributors.



Apache Libcloud is a Python library which hides differences between different cloud provider APIs and allows you to manage different cloud resources through a unified and easy to use API.

Northern Virginia Technology Council

Northern Virginia Technology Council


The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) is the membership and trade association for the technology community in Northern Virginia. As the largest technology council in the nation, NVTC serves about 1,000 companies and organizations.



Acceleprise is an accelerator focused on enterprise technology founded and anchored by investor and entrepreneur Sean Glass. It is the first independent accelerator focused solely on enterprise technology in the United States. Acceleprise is the preeminent community for enterprise technologists. From enterprise tech focused VCs, to customers, and mentors, the accelerator is a hub for enterprise technology activity.