Our mission is to help enterprises take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, the speed and agility, all without losing the security. Accelerate innovation without loss of control.

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In 2009, DivvyCloud founders Brian, Chris, and Andrew, were part of Electronic Arts’(EA) infrastructure team and tasked with making EA’s cloud vision a reality. They quickly found managing over 5,000 servers, in five different countries, with millions of paying subscribers in a hybrid-cloud environment to be an incredibly complex, time-consuming, and risky proposition. Ultimately, in 2012 the team left EA and poured their experiences and expertise into building DivvyCloud. 

DivvyCloud’s mission from day one was to help enterprises take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, the speed and agility all without losing the security.  DivvyCloud is a platform that’s meant to be extended and to provide customers with the flexibility to address how THEY use cloud.

DivvyCloud believes freedom is important in these large organizations because it’s the only way to truly innovate.  Companies need to be able to tinker and explore new ideas in the cloud. They need to be able to build new services, make mistakes, and learn from them without risk.  

Our big ambition is to help these large enterprises provide even more value to their customers by giving their engineers self-service access to cloud, providing them the ability to innovate in the cloud, and getting their products to market faster.

Freedom is good.  Chaos is bad.


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