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August 19, 2020 – 1:00 PM


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Augmenting AWS Webinar

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Appropriate use of native security controls in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is essential to managing cloud risk (and avoiding a costly breach). However, many organizations struggle with determining when and how to use these native security controls, doing so in a consistent fashion, and also understanding how and when to augment these to ensure continuous security and compliance. Join Jon Myer (Partner Solution Architect at AWS) and Chris Hertz (VP Cloud Security Sales at DivvyCloud by Rapid7) as they discuss:

-How and when to use native cloud security controls
-Why and when you may want to augment these controls
-How to leverage automation to gain continuous security and compliance in public cloud.


Jon Myer
Partner Solution Architect
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Chris Hertz
VP of Cloud Security Sales
DivvyCloud by Rapid7

Webinar Date

Wednesday, August 19th at 1pm EDT

DivvyCloud Overview

DivvyCloud enforces security and compliance policies in real-time, empowering customers to give developers the freedom to innovate using AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, and Alibaba. Customers like Spotify, 3M, Fannie Mae, Autodesk, Discovery, and Pizza Hut use DivvyCloud to automate the detection and remediation of cloud and container infrastructure misconfigurations that violate policy and security risk. DivvyCloud enables these industry leaders to take full advantage of the agility and speed of cloud and container technology, while actually strengthening their security and compliance posture. This is a double win that increases productivity, innovation, profitability, and security. DivvyCloud is designed for cloud infrastructure, security, compliance, and governance professionals who want to identify risks in real-time and take automatic, user-defined action to fix problems before they’re exploited.


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