Coming to our Executive Summit on March 9th? Here’s a peek into what you can expect:

CSPM + CWPP + CIEM = Your Path to Innovation Without the Loss of Control
Johnathan Keith, CISO, ViacomCBS Digital will be joining Rapid7’s Brian Johnson and Peter Scott to talk about the many different tools available for your cloud security needs. Keith has had over 12 years of experience in the cloud security industry and is an expert in Container Security, Infrastructure as Code, Application Security, and Network Security. They will be talking through Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Protection Program (CWPP), and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). By the end of this session you will have a better understanding about which tool is right for your organization!

IAM Confused – Least-Privileged Access Clarity For Your Cloud Environment
The dynamic and ephemeral nature of cloud environments makes traditional security perimeter approaches insufficient for managing risk. To reduce risk, organizations must view identity as the new perimeter. Rapid7’s Jeremy Snyder and Chris DeRamus will be discussing how they tackle the issue daily and how they establish and maintain least-privileged access to prioritize and remediate improper permission combinations that grant unintended or overly permissive access

ICloud-Native Security for Kubernetes in Practice
Securing Cloud-Native Applications is a multi-objective and multi-constrained problem, spanning across individuals, teams, processes, culture, infrastructure, and tools. It is safe to assert that with cloud-native applications, nearly everything falls into security; from identity, through runtime and networking, handling data in flight, and everything in between. Join Rapid7’s Anjali Khatri, Gadi Naor, and Chris Hertz to break down where and how to get started with your Kubernetes security strategy for cloud-native applications.

Don’t wait, RSVP now. The first 500 registrants will receive a delicious snack box filled with your favorite treats to enjoy during the event. 

We hope to see you there!

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