What it does: Identifies expired / soon to expire SSL certificates

This bot identifies SSL certificates which are set to expire and/or have already expired. When this occurs it can present end-users accessing web-based applications with browser warnings and errors indicating that the site they are accessing is not secure.

Why do I care?

If your company provides a public facing service, visitors want to ensure their personal information is safe when they enter sensitive data into your website/app. SSL Certificates are one way customers know their information is safe. Websites that begin with “https” possess the SSL certification that guarantees customers data is encrypted and inaccessible to hackers. Allowing these certifications to expire put visitors at risk resulting in a poor user experience and potential lost revenue when users do not feel comfortable doing business on your site.

Get New Certs Before They Expire

SSL certificates are usually set to expire every one, two or three years.  It is easy to forget or lose track of when Certs need to be renewed throughout the year.  It is very common to get blasted by the product, or customer support teams as complaints start rolling in from users or abandonment rates spike.

With the Check SSL Certificate Bot you will be reminded ahead of time so you can generate a new SSL certificate via your trusted CA (Certificate Authority) and upload it to the cloud account. Doing this will ensure that end-users do not receive SSL identity warnings/errors when accessing secure sites/applications. There are only a handful of Certificate Authorities that browsers recognize and trust.

Keep Hackers from Sniffing Your Customers’ Information

Without proper encryption and SSL certificates, it’s not hard for a hacker to start “sniffing” around for your customers’ usernames, passwords or bank account information.  SSL Certificates are like a digital fingerprint, proving to the customer that your business site is secure. There’s a validation process that occurs that let’s the customer know it is safe to put their personal information in the site. Without up-to-date certification, site visitors will receive a message, warning them that the site the are visiting is not secure and that there is a certain level of risk they are taking doing business on your site.

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