DivvyCloud is exhibiting its technology at Cloud Expo NYC in Booth #237 June 6-8. Jeremy Snyder, VP of Business Development at DivvyCloud, is speaking for a general session and the Tech Talks during the event. Jeremy will share best practices, industry insights and cloud infrastructure strategies.

TechTalk: Tagging Strategies for Cloud Resources – How to use Tags for visibility, accountability and automation of cloud infrastructure.

Tagging virtual instances and resources in your cloud infrastructure is a vital step in defining how your public, private or hybrid cloud environments will operate. Because components of cloud infrastructure are software-defined, these “virtual” resources can very easily sprawl out of control resulting in run-away costs, security holes and lack of accountability. Tagging allows resources to be quickly labeled and categorized, creating a standard for organizing your virtual assets across cloud environments. In this talk we will discuss best practices for using tagging in your cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and risks while remain compliant to enterprise standards.

Session:  Best Practices for Enterprise Cloud Adoption – How cloud infrastructure automation delivers the agility, speed and cost benefits while reducing many risks.

This talk centers around how to automate best practices in a multi-/hybrid-cloud world based on our work with customers like GE, Discovery Communications and Fannie Mae. Today’s enterprises are reaping the benefits of cloud computing, but also discovering many risks and challenges. In the age of DevOps and the decentralization of IT, it’s easy to over-provision resources, forget that instances are running, or unintentionally expose vulnerabilities. We will discuss the approaches to take control of your cloud with self-healing infrastructure, while realizing the promised agility, speed and cost benefits of the cloud.

Dates: Jun 6-8, 2017
Location: Javits Center, New York City, NY