ComputerWorldUKWe are delighted to announce that Computerworld UK has named DivvyCloud one of the “Best Cloud Management Tools” of 2018.

ComputerWorld UK compiled a list of cloud computing management tools that aim to help manage costs, usage, and ultimately optimize the cloud. DivvyCloud made #2 on their list!

In ComputerWorld UK’s words:

DivvyCloud offers a three-pronged approach to cloud management, focusing on cloud security, compliance, and governance.


Able to work with all major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and Google, this cloud management service will manage cloud costs by ‘enforcing your global tagging policy’, as well as providing analysis of your bills so you can keep your cloud spending under control.


It will also reduce the worry associated with complying with these regulations and standards PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, as well as many others.

We are honored by ComputerWorld UK’s recognition of DivvyCloud being one of the best cloud management tools.

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