Glen Dickson at TVNewsCheck conducted an in-depth interview with Discovery Chief Technology Officer John Honeycutt.  In the interview, Glen dives in deep with John on how he has moved Discovery to the cutting edge of media ingest and distribution by blending traditional supply-chain architecture with the latest in IP and cloud technologies.  He also discusses how through this strategy Discovery has disrupted and revolutionized the media and entertainment industry to the benefit of Discovery and consumers. You can read the full interview with John Honeycutt here.

DivvyCloud is proud to have been core to Discovery’s cloud strategy.  DivvyCloud’s importance to this strategy was recognized in 2016 when Discovery Communications Ventures invested in DivvyCloud.  Discovery decided to invest in DivvyCloud after being an enterprise customer for over a year. At the time of the investment, John Honeycutt said, “Given the value that DivvyCloud has delivered to Discovery in our adoption of the cloud, we see a real potential for growth that we’re excited to be a part of.”

The self-service and dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure creates challenges for risk and compliance professionals who protect their organization with security and governance controls.  Tools and controls that worked well for security and compliance in the traditional datacenter do not translate to the public cloud. Customers like Discovery run DivvyCloud’s software to achieve continuous security governance in cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba).  

First, our software performs real-time, continuous discovery of infrastructure resources allowing customers to identify risks and threats.  Second, customers can implement out-of-the-box or custom cloud-native policy guardrails that identify and alert on violations. Third, we automate the enforcement and remediation of these policies.

We mitigate risk by providing virtual guardrails for customers embracing the dynamic, self-service nature of public cloud infrastructure. In doing so, DivvyCloud empowers our customers, like Discovery, to fully embrace the corporate innovation that use of cloud technologies can drive.