DivvyCloud Accepted Into Exclusive Media and Entertainment Technology Alliance for Innovative Companies

SPROCKIT® Brings Together Hot Startups and Iconic Companies at NAB Show and Throughout the Year

Arlington, Virginia (March 23, 2017) – DivvyCloud, a leading developer of innovative software to automate and manage multi-cloud infrastructure, today announced that it has been accepted into SPROCKIT’s exclusive technology alliance for media and entertainment industry collaboration.

SPROCKIT will showcase up to 30 of the most innovative market-ready startup companies through a year-round program that shines the spotlight on industry game-changers through two channels: NAB Show®, the world’s largest and most important media and entertainment event, and SPROCKIT® Sync, the exclusive community of media and entertainment decision-makers that meets three times a year.

To become part of the SPROCKIT Class of 2017, a company must have market validation and must prove the potential to significantly impact the media and entertainment industry.  

The media and entertainment industry is an early adopter of cloud infrastructure to manage the explosive growth of digital content. Like many other industries moving to the cloud, it is not always a smooth road.  Enterprises frequently experience runaway costs, security problems and the inability to ensure compliance of their cloud operations at scale. DivvyCloud’s automation software, BotFactory, has a proven track-record of delivering cost savings and autonomous remediation of non-compliance cloud resources in near-real time.

“We’re honored that our largest media company customers nominated us to be a part of SPROCKIT,” said Brian Johnson, CEO at DivvyCloud.  “We look forward to helping accelerate cloud strategies for the hottest companies in media and entertainment.”


SPROCKIT is the media, entertainment and technology alliance of corporate executives and industry-vetted emerging companies showcasing and collaborating on products, services and new revenue models. SPROCKIT, in collaboration with and support from NAB Show, shines the spotlight on the industry’s most promising market-ready start-ups from around the world. SPROCKIT start-ups have proven products, customers, and are ready to scale. Learn more at sprockitglory.com.

About DivvyCloud
DivvyCloud software enables organizations to achieve their cloud computing goals by simplifying and automating security, compliance and cost optimization of public and private cloud infrastructure. Using DivvyCloud, customers can leverage programmatic Bots to identify and remediate common cloud problems in real time. DivvyCloud was founded by seasoned technologists who understand first hand what is necessary to succeed in today’s fast-changing, multi-cloud world. For more information, visit: www.divvycloud.staging.wpengine.com.

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