What is DevOps?

Dev/Ops, also known as development and operations, or the consolidation of development activities with ongoing operations, is the idea that development teams and operations teams should work together closely on launching and running applications.

What is DivvyCloud?

DivvyCloud is a leader in cloud automation and policy enforcement. Organizations and enterprises with large, complex cloud environments use DivvyCloud to automatically:

Curate and clean up cloud environments

Monitor and secure cloud infrastructure

Control cloud costs and provide visibility into cloud assets

How does DivvyCloud help organizations that have adopted DevOps?

DevOps teams launch applications into server environments. For speed and agility, most DevOps teams adopt the cloud as their infrastructure of choice. Because of this, the organization’s security and policy needs can be enforced and automated, leveraging the SDN and cloud APIs. DivvyCloud can secure the perimeter for the DevOps infrastructure. This includes things like:

Inspecting firewalls and network configurations for any problems, and automatically fixing problems

Verifying proper use and rotation of infrastructure security credentials and service accounts

Automatically starting, stopping and cleaning up the underlying infrastructure resources (compute and storage)


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