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DivvyCloud’s CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) Insight Pack

DivvyCloud is proud to announce that we have just released the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CSA CCM) as a new insights pack. What is CSA CCM? Cloud native frameworks such as the CSA CCM allow companies to embrace the many benefits of the...

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Yet Another S3 Bucket Leak … SpyFone’s Data Exposed!

News broke last week that sensitive data was exposed yet again. I hope you haven’t forgotten our running analogy, “we are living in the cybersecurity version of the movie Groundhog Day.”  It seems like every day we are reliving the same problem, the same...

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Why is Cloud Computing a Top Risk for Enterprise Executives?

As of Q2 in 2018, cloud computing remains the top risk concern for enterprise executives surveyed by Gartner.  Every quarter, Gartner surveys risk, audit, and compliance executives for information about impending threats to their enterprises.  Here are the...

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The Headache of Managing Cloud Spend

Many companies are failing to manage their cloud environment effectively, and are dealing with the daily headaches that come as a result. It’s become much easier to purchase new software or services, which means it’s even easier for spending to increase....

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