At the end of last year, members of the Washington, D.C. and Arlington Infrastructure as Code MeetUp Group met for their first event – a MeetUp that featured presentations by Alex Duan, the CEO of Dynamo Technologies, and Brian Johnson, the CEO and Co-founder of DivvyCloud.

During their presentations, Alex delved into Docker, why it’s interesting in dev-ops environments, and whether he felt it’s ready for enterprise use. Brian used his presentation as an opportunity to demonstration three different ways to use Python code to manage an enterprise’s cloud environments.

After this well-attended and successful MeetUp, the group came back together again in early March for another exciting presentation. This time, Ruben Cessa Flores of the Inter-American Development Bank presented to the group about Kubernetes, a Google-developed application that enables users to manage containerized applications in a clustered environment.

During his presentation, Ruben (aka: Ben) discussed how Kubernetes can enable the management of distributed components across varied infrastructures, how he was utilizing Kubernetes in his position at the Inter-American Development Bank, and how others can use the solution.

Here is Ben’s full presentation, up to his actual demonstration, which we’ll be posting in a subsequent video on CloudSprawl: