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DivvyCloud joins Google Cloud Platform Partner Program

“With a growing shift towards containerization among our enterprise customers, we felt it was time for us to build a closer relationship with Google ­ the clear leader in many aspects of container strategies. Also, we are impressed with the renewed focus we’ve seen from Google with the goal of enabling the movement of enterprise workloads to GCP,” said Peter Scott, Chief Marketing Officer at DivvyCloud


DivvyCloud Hosts Discussion on Media Adoption of the Cloud at NAB Show 2018

DivvyCloud helps media and entertainment companies control and secure their content in their digital supply chain running in the cloud.  Our software provides virtual guardrails for security, compliance, and governance that help customers, like Discovery, Mediacorp, Sky Network Television Limited, and Turner, go big and go fast in the cloud, but still stay secure and compliant.  

At NAB Show 2018, we will be hosting the panel discussion, “Cloud WINS GOLD at the Winter Olympics – how cloud is impacting business strategies in media and entertainment.” Hear industry leaders share insights from the front lines, including Dave Duvall SVP Discovery, Thomas Martin former CIO GE, and Stavros Hilaris CTO Mediavision Cloud.  You can register for the session through the NAB Show website.

You can also visit us at booth # 3432 in the SPROCKIT Hub area in the North Hall, or schedule a time to meet.  The SPROCKIT Hub features the most promising, market-ready media and entertainment entities from around the world – the Best of the Best. These “By Invitation Only” companies, like DivvyCloud, have proven products, customers, services and are ready to scale.

DivvyCloud has been helping to reshape how the media industry adopts cloud computing.   In fact, our impact has been so substantial that in 2016, Discovery invested in DivvyCloud, through Discovery Communications Ventures, after being an enterprise customer for over a year. “Given the value that DivvyCloud has delivered to Discovery in our adoption of the cloud, we see a real potential for growth that we’re excited to be a part of,” said John Honeycutt, Discovery Communications Chief Technology Officer.

Visit our NAB Show page for video and written content from customers Don Browning of Turner and Dave Duvall of Discovery Communications on how they have embraced cloud computing and helped their companies become digital leaders.

We hope to see you at NAB Show 2018!

AWS Re:invent 2017

DivvyCloud is sponsoring and will have a booth this event.

Booth: #1502
Dates: Nov 27-Dec 1, 2017
Location: Sands Expo Hall, Las Vegas, NV

DivvyCloud Executive Speaker Summit

DivvyCloud is hosting and speaking at this event.

*Invitation only*
Date: Oct 23, 2017
Location: Discovery Communications Headquarters


BrightTalk Webinar

DivvyCloud is speaking at this event.

Dates: Oct 18, 2017, 2PM EST
Location: Virtual,

AWS Meetup Montreal

DivvyCloud is speaking at this event.

Dates: October 12, 2017
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

AWS Meetup Toronto

DivvyCloud is speaking at this event.

Dates: September 28, 2017
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

VMWorld 2017

DivvyCloud is sponsoring this event.


Booth: #700-G
Dates: August 27-31, 2017
Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

AWS Summit NYC

DivvyCloud sponsored this event.

Booth: #541
Dates: August 14
Location: Jacob K. Javits Center, New York, NY

Black Hat

DivvyCloud sponsored this event.

Dates: July 26-27, 2017
Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

AWS Seattle Meetup

DivvyCloud spoke at this event.

Dates: July 20, 2017
Location: SURF Incubator, Seattle, WA

Cloud Expo NYC

DivvyCloud is exhibiting its technology at Cloud Expo NYC in Booth #237 June 6-8. Jeremy Snyder, VP of Business Development at DivvyCloud, is speaking for a general session and the Tech Talks during the event. Jeremy will share best practices, industry insights and cloud infrastructure strategies.

TechTalk: Tagging Strategies for Cloud Resources – How to use Tags for visibility, accountability and automation of cloud infrastructure.

Tagging virtual instances and resources in your cloud infrastructure is a vital step in defining how your public, private or hybrid cloud environments will operate. Because components of cloud infrastructure are software-defined, these “virtual” resources can very easily sprawl out of control resulting in run-away costs, security holes and lack of accountability. Tagging allows resources to be quickly labeled and categorized, creating a standard for organizing your virtual assets across cloud environments. In this talk we will discuss best practices for using tagging in your cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and risks while remain compliant to enterprise standards.

Session:  Best Practices for Enterprise Cloud Adoption – How cloud infrastructure automation delivers the agility, speed and cost benefits while reducing many risks.

This talk centers around how to automate best practices in a multi-/hybrid-cloud world based on our work with customers like GE, Discovery Communications and Fannie Mae. Today’s enterprises are reaping the benefits of cloud computing, but also discovering many risks and challenges. In the age of DevOps and the decentralization of IT, it’s easy to over-provision resources, forget that instances are running, or unintentionally expose vulnerabilities. We will discuss the approaches to take control of your cloud with self-healing infrastructure, while realizing the promised agility, speed and cost benefits of the cloud.

Dates: Jun 6-8, 2017
Location: Javits Center, New York City, NY

DevOps DC Meetup

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: Mar 14, 2017
Location: Online, due to weather

AWS Montreal

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: Mar 9, 2017
Location: La Gare Co-Working Space

AWS Ottawa

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: Mar 8, 2017

AWS Toronto

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: Feb 23, 2017
Location: theScore

2017 NAB Show

DivvyCloud will have a SPROCKIT booth and be exhibiting this event.

Dates: Apr 22 – Apr 27, 2017
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center


DivvyCloud is excited to announce our second customer event! DivvyCON2

Dates: Spetember 2017
Location: Rosslyn, VA

AWS re:Invent 2017

DivvyCloud will have a booth and be exhibiting this event.

Dates: Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2017
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center

OpenStack Meetup DC

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: December 15, 2016
Location: MakeOffices

TechBreakfast NYC

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: December 13, 2016
Location: New York City

AWS re:Invent 2016

DivvyCloud had a booth and exhibited at this event.

Dates: Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2016
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center

AWS Washington, D.C.

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: September 26, 2016
Location: AOL’s HQ

OpenStack East

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsored this event.

Dates: August 23, 2016
Location: New York City


DivvyCloud spoke at this event.

Dates: July 24-27, 2016
Location: New Orleans

CIO Summit

DivvyCloud spoke and sponsoredthis event.

Dates: June 15, 2016
Location: Cincinnati

DivvyCON1, May 12th 

DivvyCloud is excited to announce our first customer event! DivvyCon1

Thanks for joining us for this half-day session where we will shared customer experiences, DivvyCloud’s future roadmap, and insights and feedback from all our guests during the open discussions.

8:00 – Gather and breakfast
8:30 – Welcome & Introductions
9:00 – Customers Presentations – clouds strategies and how we are using DivvyCloud
11:00 – DivvyCloud Product Roadmap and Demo
12:00 – Open Discussion and Lunch
1:30 – Adjourn

Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit

GE Presenting Bot Army Strategy and DivvyCloud at Gartner Summit this week in National Harbor (watch for new GE video in coming weeks)

DivvyCloud customer and GE CIO Thomas Martin will present at Gartner’s Infrastructure and Operations Summit at DC’s National Harbor, May 10-12.  Thomas will discuss GE’s strategy for managing cloud infrastructure at massive scale, and how DivvyCloud provides the platform for development and implementation of automation Bots.  DivvyCloud will be hosting customers and industry leaders at our hospitality suite May 11th for informal discussions and networking.  Let us know if you’d like an invitation to join.

Infrastructure as Code, Arlington/DC Meetup #3

DivvyCloud will be attending Infrastructure as Code MeetUp #3.  Hand’s on demonstration of how Puppet automates cloud infrastructure.  Robert Maury (Puppet Labs) Consulting automation engineer with a wide breadth of both operational and architectural experience on premises and in the cloud.

DC Modern Enterprise Tech MeetUp

The DivvyCloud team will be attending the DC Modern Enterprise Tech MeetUp on April 28, at 5:30pm. The DC Tech MeetUp works to foster innovation in enterprise tech, build a community of learning, and promote the best and brightest within the space.

Collision Conference

The DivvyCloud team will be attending the Collision Conference in New Orleans from April 26-28. Collision is “America’s fastest growing tech conference” created by the team behind Web Summit

AWS Summit (Chicago)

The DivvyCloud team will be attending the AWS Summit in Chicago from April 18-19. This event is designed to educate new customers about the AWS platform, and offer existing customers information on architecture best practices and new services.

Splunk, DC

DivvyCloud will be attending SplunkLive! DC on April 12th. Splunk software is used to deepen business and customer understanding, mitigate cybersecurity risk, prevent fraud, improve service performance and reduce cost.

RSA 2016: Observations from the Show Floor

As the biggest IT security show in the industry celebrated its 25th year, RSA 2016 attracted a record number of more than 40,000 attendees.  And while this is very impressive, a majority of the companies exhibiting at RSA offer the exact same thing. In essence, they are all offering some type of protection against cybersecurity threats and many of these solutions are very similar in nature.

Overall, I found the content of the sessions I attended to be relatively weak in substance, but there were no shortage of new product announcements from vendors and there were some common themes throughout the show that are worth noting.  Here are a few of my observations from this year’s show:

Focus on Endpoint Protection

The focus of the show has shifted away from anti-virus and firewalls. Firewalls have reached their limit and hackers know how to break them. Anti-virus is like a cat and mouse game with vendors continually updating software to keep up with the latest viruses being created. Now, the focus at RSA and what everyone in the IT security industry is talking about, is “endpoint protection.” What this really means is device protection, including virtual devices. Threat management has gone from physical to any kind of device and the big area of concern is no longer the threat to files, but threats at the network layer instead. There are holistic algorithms that look at network traffic anomalies and kick detection software into gear. And, there was a lot of focus at RSA around data visualization so companies could see where attacks were happening on their networks.

Growing Confidence in Cloud Security

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) had a big presence at the show. According to this Dark Reading article, the CSA reports that “enterprises have overwhelmingly begun adopting the whole gamut of available cloud service delivery models including software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, security-as-a-service, identity-as-a service and data as service. However, managing security and compliance of these disparate cloud services continues to be a challenge for enterprises that is exacerbated by the inconsistent quality of the security controls offered by cloud vendors.”

Despite these challenges, CSA found that nearly 65 percent of some 200 IT and security professionals surveyed expressed confidence in cloud security vendors offering as good or better security than on-premises security controls.

Shortage of Skilled IT Security Workers Continues

In his RSA keynote speech, Christopher Young, Intel Security Group’s senior vice president and general manager, talked about the shortage of skilled workers. He pointed out that 10 years ago, security firms faced roughly 25 new threats each day. Today that number is more than 500,000. With this exponential growth in daily cybersecurity threats, there is a need for more skilled IT professionals to prevent and protect against them. According to ESG research, 46% of organizations claim to have a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills. And of all cybersecurity skills, 33% of organizations say that their biggest deficiency is in cloud security skills. I heard this a lot throughout the show and it is something the industry has been talking about for quite some time. Clearly there is an opportunity here to focus on education and training by security vendors and the tech industry at large especially as cloud adoption in the enterprise continues.

Governance/ Compliance an Afterthought

I was surprised to see very little focus on compliance and governance with the exception of a few companies that were offering privileged access management solutions at the show. The policy/control side of cybersecurity was over shadowed by threat protection solutions. One reason for this could be that if IT budgets are limited, more companies will invest in anti-virus software first. A few years from now we could see more packaged solutions that combine anti-virus software with access management and access control.

I found that only a small percentage of the companies at RSA were talking about managing network threat protection — in the cloud or in-house – from one IT infrastructure. One way companies can reduce the risk profile for what they are deploying in the cloud and at the same time simplify the management of it all is via cloud automation.

Cloud automation and management technologies can provide enterprises with a way to deliver the value of cloud without sacrificing visibility, and compliance with security, cost and operational best practices. And, instead of hiring dozens of people to continually monitor and respond to their cloud infrastructure, these technologies can sense and respond in real time to known security issues and save enterprises precious time and resources.

Given the current shortage of skilled workers, this could ease the burden on companies looking to move more applications into the cloud. I think we’ll see more of this approach when it comes to cloud security in the near future.

For more on this topic, check out this Cloud Sprawl webinar with former Chief Information Security Officer of the CIA Bob Bigman, “Securing the Cloud – How Cloud Adoption Impacts the Enterprise.”

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Infrastructure as Code

CEO Brian Johnson will demonstrate how to use Python to create and manage software defined infrastructure at Infrastructure as Code first MeetUp.

Security Webinar

Join retired CIA CISO Bob Bigman and Brian Johnson of DivvyCloud as they discuss security and other enterprise considerations in moving to the Cloud.

DivvyCloud @ DC Tech MeetUp

CEO Brian Johnson will be demoing DivvyCloud at the DC Tech MeetUp on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

The event will take place from 7 to 8:30pm at MLK Library, 901 G St NW, Washington, DC

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