Seven years ago, Chris DeRamus, Andrew Mann, and I founded DivvyCloud with the goal of helping enterprise organizations around the world achieve rapid innovation through strategic cloud adoption. Since then, we have seen our customers successfully undergo massive business transformations as they adopt cloud and achieve rapid innovation. We have helped them adopt a multi-cloud strategy, identify security issues in their environments, and to automatically remediate these issues in real time. 

Today, I am extremely proud and excited to announce that DivvyCloud will be joining the Rapid7 family. So why Rapid7? And why now? In the end, the answer comes down to three things: culture, technology alignment, and the opportunity to drive even greater innovation in cloud security.

From day one, my co-founders and I agreed that having an incredible culture full of amazing people is the key to growing a successful business. Hiring people who are passionate, driven, and kind has been the core reason that DivvyCloud has enjoyed such success. It is these people, not the leaders of the company, who ultimately drive value for our customers. Their passion and drive allows us to adjust with the market and their kindness and knowledge enables us to truly partner with our customers to deliver maximum value.

Rapid7 shares these same beliefs. Their culture reflects a company that values its people above all else. They invest in passion, ownership, and to put it bluntly, “not being an asshole.” Like us, they are leaders in cybersecurity and believe in delivering value to their customers, not extracting it. Together, our joint venture will continue to lead the way in cloud security, not only through building amazing products, but leveraging our culture to deliver a best-in-class experience for all of our customers. 

The security challenges facing the market are only going to get more complex in the coming years. As companies adopt more cloud, the need for security-based automation will become even more imperative. To achieve this level of automation, our customers will need a unified data model that understands the security risks related to cloud infrastructure, systems, identity, containers, application security, and behavioral analytics. Our combined technologies will allow us to provide our customers with an unparalleled ability to enforce security, governance, and compliance policies in real time based on real risk. 

We stand at a critical moment—as the use of cloud and container technology accelerates and becomes the standard development and operating platform for most companies. The importance of this has only been laid more bare by the current crisis. It is vitally important that we arm as many organizations as possible with the best strategies and tools to keep their critical systems and data (including customer data) safe and secure during their adoption and long-term use of cloud and container technology. With Rapid7’s backing, DivvyCloud can now enable our customers to benefit from the most complete, best-in-class cloud security platform available and drive even greater innovation in cloud security.  

All of the great things you love about DivvyCloud will remain the same: our team; our customer-driven, innovation-focused roadmap; our nimbleness and responsiveness to your requests; and our focus on delivering value and great experiences to you.  

Thank you to our entire community of supporters who have contributed to our growth and success as a company. We are excited to have you join us on our continued adventure as part of Rapid7—together we will accomplish amazing things! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out what Rapid7’s Chief Innovation Officer, Lee Weiner, has to say about their intent to acquire DivvyCloud.

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