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Today, more than 50 of the world’s leading enterprise companies use DivvyCloud’s award-winning software to securely accelerate innovation and solve the world’s toughest challenges.

Or, watch our product demos below to explore the key features and capabilities that our customers trust to secure their cloud environments.

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An Intro to DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud protects cloud and container environments from misconfigurations, policy violations, threats, and IAM challenges. This demo covers a basic introduction to how DivvyCloud works and shows you how with automated prevention and real-time remediation, our customers achieve continuous security and compliance.

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What are DivvyCloud Insights and Packs?

This video takes a look at “what are insights?” “How do they relate to packs?” And, “What can you do with them?”

Resources and Filters: Turning Them Into Insights

As you start to get into the DivvyCloud system, there are some foundational components customers need to understand in order to get the most out of the system. And the highlights of those components are resources, filters, insights, packs, and bots. This video will cover Resources and Filters and how they turn into Insights.

Spinning up POC Installation of DivvyCloud Using Test Drive Deployment

This video covers how to spin up a POC installation of DivvyCloud using what we call our Test Drive Deployment. Test Drive Deployment is essentially a single instance that houses all of the different DivvyCloud containers.

DivvyCloud Bots and Compliance Scorecard

This video will show you the two ways we scale data and make it more accessible to larger groups of teams:  First, is with “Bots” (the “then that” of the “if this then that” statement).  Second is via our Compliance Scorecard (a top level view of how your accounts are doing with your compliance).

Detecting an Exposed AWS S3 Bucket and Quarantining It

Amazon S3 bucket exposures has been one of the biggest cloud security issues over the last few years.  This video will go over how we can not only identify bucket exposure within DivvyCloud, but how we can take it further and remediate issues automatically when this problem pops up. 

Accessing DivvyCloud by Rapid7: User accounts, permissions and roles

Amazon S3 bucket exposures has been one of the biggest cloud security Watch as we explain user management in the cloud, and how we can provision different users or groups of people to be able see different things within DivvyCloud.

DivvyCloud Demo Bites: Remediating Exposed SSH

This demo dives into how to identify and remediate a classic cloud misconfiguration of exposed security group rules. 

DivvyCloud Demo Bites: Remediating Public Snapshots and AMIs

This DivvyCloud demo focuses on how DivvyCloud looks for exposed public snapshots and AMIs within different environments, and auto-remediates them as well.

DivvyCloud by Rapid7 Cloud IAM Governance Demo

Learn how DivvyCloud by Rapid7 helps companies govern cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) and adopt a least privileged access security model across your cloud and container environments. In these environments, everything has an identity: users, applications, services, and systems. This provides enormous flexibility, but also creates the opportunity for substantial risk, as every service is potentially reachable by every other one.