On Wednesday, July 18th, Google introduced commercial Kubernetes applications in their GCP Marketplace and DivvyCloud was proud to be included as a launch partner.  For the first time, commercial Kubernetes applications are available to deploy with one click to Google Kubernetes Engine with a usage-based pricing model. Commercial Kubernetes applications can be deployed on-premise or even on other public clouds through the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

GCP Marketplace is based on a multi-cloud and hybrid-first philosophy, focused on giving Google Cloud partners and enterprise customers flexibility without lock-in. It also helps customers innovate by easily adopting new technologies from ISV partners, such as commercial Kubernetes applications, and allows companies to oversee the full lifecycle of a solution, from discovery through management.

As part of Google’s launch, we launched our commercial Kubernetes application, available to all users through the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. This makes it even easier for GCP customers to deploy DivvyCloud to mitigate security and compliance risk while embracing the dynamic, self-service nature of Google Cloud Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Kubernetes.

Commercial Kubernetes applications available now

“To remain competitive and deliver on user demands, organizations adopting cloud need ready access to trusted, tested and portable applications that can run across their entire infrastructure. At Google Cloud we strive to make it as easy as possible for customers of all sizes to deploy, purchase and manage leading solutions in the cloud,” said Jennifer Lin, Director of Product Management Google Cloud. “The availability of commercial Kubernetes applications from providers like DivvyCloud is a critical part of extending enterprise investments and can simplify adoption of container-based infrastructure no matter what environment they operate in, either on-premise or in the public cloud.”

Customers exploring or using Kubernetes can easily access DivvyCloud on the marketplace, with rapid, same-day deployment. The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace makes it simple for customers to quickly deploy and manage the DivvyCloud solution, and to know when updates are available.  

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DivvyCloud software enables organizations to achieve their cloud and container goals by simplifying and automating security, compliance, and governance of infrastructure. Customers like General Electric, Discovery Communications, and Fannie Mae run DivvyCloud’s software to achieve continuous security governance in cloud and container environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, and Kubernetes). DivvyCloud was founded by seasoned technologists who understand firsthand what is necessary to succeed in today’s fast-changing, multi-cloud world.

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