How Autodesk Avoids Unchecked AWS Footprint Growth

Pat Barnes, Director of Platform as a Service, Autodesk, shares how his team led spend management, configuration management and hardening standards compliance programs that resulted in a smaller footprint and increased spend avoidance.


Overcoming the Cloud Skills Gap

Steve Litras, Director of Infrastructure Services (IaaS), Autodesk; Andy Lawrence, Cloud Services Engineer, Kroger; and Thomas Martin, Former GE CIO discuss strategies for addressing the lack of in-house cloud expertise which has become an industry-wide crisis.

Self-service Your Cloud Through Automated Remediation – Without Losing Control

Thomas Martin, former CIO, GE, discusses how large enterprises achieve the competitive edge of rapid self-service public cloud deployment while staying secure and compliant with controlled automated remediation.


Automating the Stupid Out of The Cloud

Pat Barnes, Autodesk; Andy Lawrence, Kroger; and Jason Pryor, 3M discuss how without the guardrails of automation, and without proper knowledge, people make stupid decisions.

How to Make Security Not a 4 Letter Word

Ray Jiang, Senior Development Manager, Autodesk and Jason Pryor, Cloud Security Architect & Manager, 3M discuss enabling dev teams to own security.


Shifting Everywhere: Security and Cloud at 3M in the ’20’s

Jason Pryor, 3M, shares how he is approaching cloud security at 3M today, and where he believes cloud security needs to go as we enter a new decade.

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