The security of your cloud environment is critical to the success of your organization. But how do you achieve and maintain cloud security? Many enterprises turn to third-party vendors with expertise in providing a variety of cloud security solutions. 

Gartner does a tremendous job of defining each type of solution available on the market to better inform organizations that wish to invest in cloud security. As the overall cloud security marketplace has grown over the past several years, so too have Gartner’s categories that represent types of solutions available. 

We researched Gartner’s perspectives on the main cloud security solution types, both established and emerging, and distilled each category or archetype into easily digestible content. In our new Practical Guide to Gartner’s Cloud Security Archetypes, you will learn about the following categories of cloud security tools:

  • Cloud Access Security Brokers,
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, 
  • Cloud Security Posture Management,
  • Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, and
  • Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms. 

For each archetype, you will also understand the context in which it is best used, along with relevant benefits and limitations. And last but definitely not least, you will understand how DivvyCloud by Rapid7 fits into this complex cloud security ecosystem. 

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