Customer Profile

  • Who: One of the world’s largest providers of software for the healthcare industry
  • Size: 700 employees
  • Sponsoring Org: CISO and the security team

The Challenge

For our health information systems customer, software is a critical part of the healthcare workflow for their clients. Maintaining the security and compliance of their systems is paramount. The DivvyCloud client’s migration to the cloud was necessitated by the need for scalable compute and storage capabilities. Their significant cloud footprint translates into large quantities of resources that require secure access, monitoring, and automation to maintain. 

Our customer needed the agility to develop and deploy applications quickly and securely. It was important that their security approach avoided reintroducing friction to the application development process, with the goal of accelerating innovation, delivering better experiences and healthy outcomes to patients, securely.

The Requirements

Our customer identified the need to add a new layer to their security stack, focusing on cloud security posture management (CSPM).The requirements for implementing these changes included the following:

  • Tools should provide visibility into cloud and container resources through a real-time, unified approach to security and compliance
  • Multi-cloud and container support were key requirements for any “future-proof” security strategy and to complement AWS security tool capabilities
  • Ability to write a single policy and remediation workflow against a class of cloud service (e.g., database services) and have it apply to all cloud and container environments
  • Automation focused on driving self-service remediation, but capable of taking direct action in multi-cloud environments to remediate severe issues
  • Platform-based approach that provides the best of both worlds; the ability to:
    • buy a product that delivers a deep set of capabilities and functions build on top of this product to extend and adapt it to our customer’s approach to cloud and security
  • Highly secure deployment topology
  • Out-of-the-box policies that align with industry standards, like HIPAA, and the ability to customize these policies and add new ones
  • Ability to demonstrate the efficacy of their security and compliance approach back to executives, auditors, and business units through the use of scorecards, reports, and direct access to data. 

The Solution

Our customer evaluated the requirements of delivering capabilities of a CSPM by leveraging cloud-native security and management tools and building custom scripts to deliver capabilities, but they determined that this approach scaled neithert elegantly nor efficiently across their multi-cloud environment. DivvyCloud helped solve their challenge in the following ways:

  • Delivering a unified security and compliance approach in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Facilitating a platform approach that allows our customer to adapt DivvyCloud to enable and automate existing processes, and configure and customize DivvyCloud to support unique business needs via a plugin-based architecture, API, and flexible data model. 
  • Offering virtual appliances provided our customer with a simple, cost effective, extensible, and secure way to manage cloud security. Ready made to support our customer’s need to have tight controls over the security and operations software and who have strict data ownership and control requirements. This approach also ensures maximum flexibility in terms of our customer’s customization to address unique business requirements and integration with secure internal systems to drive orchestration. 
  • Approaching automation robustly to solve the “signal to noise,” issue and allowing SecOps to not only survive but helping them accelerate innovation.

Our health information systems customer uses DivvyCloud and AWS services like Lambda, GuardDuty, and AWS Shield/WAF to keep its platform secure. Using DivvyCloud in conjunction with AWS security services, our customer’s security and compliance can operate at the speed of cloud to implement guardrails and security controls to keep the business “innovating boldly.”

This customer can now securely scale its use of AWS to meet any business demand while achieving and maintaining full compliance.

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