2020 Cloud Security Executive Summit

This year’s Cloud Security Executive Summit featured incredible speakers from GCP, AWS, Spotify, Allstate, and more. While the overarching focus was on what’s next for cloud-native security, we covered many issues and challenges relevant today. With over 700 attendees from around the world and across all industry verticals, this event was truly a melting pot of cloud security professionals and their collective experiences. If you missed out on the event or a specific session (or just want to see something again), you’ll find the video recordings on this page.

Day 1

Closing the Security Achievement Gap

Rapid7 CEO Corey Thomas and Rapid7 Cloud Security Practice SVP Brian Johnson welcome attendees to the Cloud Executive Summit. They discuss some of the current business and technology challenges and set the table for discussions on what’s next for cloud security.

Achieving Continuous Compliance in the Cloud

Jen Code, Principal Technical Program Manager for AWS; Wei Dong, Sr. Director or Application Security for cxLoyalty; and moderator David Geevaratne, Senior Director of North American Sales for Rapid7, engage in lively discussion about how to achieve continuous compliance in the cloud.

A CISO’s Journey: Evolving a Career While Transforming Through Technology

Anthony Johnson, Managing Partner of Delve Risk, has had an amazing career. In this session, he compares his transition from a hands-on practitioner to an executive leader to the transition that an organization undergoes through technology solutions.

Bring IT On: ESG + DivvyCloud — A Debate on the Future of Cloud Security

ESG VP and Group Director of Cybersecurity Doug Cahill and Rapid7 Cloud Security Practice SVP Brian Johnson debate upcoming cloud security challenges, solutions, and trends. Moderated by Chris Hertz, VP of Cloud Security Sales, Cloud Security Practice, Rapid7.

Day 2

DevOps + Cloud Security = Friction-Free Innovation

Sadi Steffl, Cyber Cloud Analyst at ViacomCBS, and Jeremiah Gearheart, Lead Cloud Security Architect/Engineer at CBS Interactive, join the incomparable Thomas Martin for an engaging discussion on the importance of integrating security into DevOps earlier for preventive, proactive cloud security that creates a better experience for everyone.

How GCP Thinks About Security

Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Head of Solution Strategy for Google Cloud, joins Rapid7’s own Anjali Khatri and Morgan Tyler for a fireside chat on how GCP thinks about security.

How AWS Thinks About Security

AWS Global Technical Lead Patrick McDowell joins Rapid7’s Anjali Khatri and Morgan Tyler for a fireside chat on how AWS views security and empowers customers to use their cloud services while staying secure and compliant.

Overcoming Challenges of Vulnerability Management at Scale in Dynamic, Ephemeral Cloud Environments

This session explores the similarities and differences in managing vulnerability and risk in the cloud versus the traditional datacenter. Rapid7 Vulnerability Risk Management Practice SVP Cindy Stanton, Rapid7 Cloud Security Practice VP of Technology Chris DeRamus, and Rapid7 Cloud Security Practice VP of Sales Chris Hertz explore what security teams need today and how they can manage vulnerability strategically. 

Day 3

IAM Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Breach Your Cloud

Cloud IAM isn’t a one-time effort. Rather, ensuring that the right people have access to the right things at the right time for the right reasons requires continuous, consistent monitoring and adjustment to achieve the best possible results. Join Tyler Smith, Senior Cloud Security Engineer for Allstate; Alexey Lapitsky, Technical Product Manager for Spotify; and Jeremy Snyder, Senior Director of Business Development and Solutions Engineering for Rapid’s Cloud Security Practice, as they investigate how to gain visibility to access, prioritize, and remediate improper permission combinations that grant unintended or overly permissive access; establish and maintain least-privileged access; and limit potential blast radius in the event of a breach.

Anatomy of a Cloud Breach: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Exploring Risk

Learn from the experience of others! Join three Rapid7 experts for a technical conversation examining two recent data breaches.

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