Case studies and success stories showcase why and how customers are using DivvyCloud, and the business benefits they have achieved.

DivvyCloud Platform Product Sheet

The DivvyCloud platform works on the concept of pervasive, near real-time cloud discovery. DivvyCloud connects to native cloud APIs to harvest data about cloud resources, regardless of how they were provisioned.

White Paper: Media & Entertainment Cloud Security

The creation and delivery of media using cloud infrastructure is a paradigm shift, and one of the biggest technological changes the media and entertainment (M&E) sector has seen in the last two decades. However, Cloud adoption doesn’t come without its challenges. Stavros Hilaris, Mediavision Cloud’s CTO, discusses the most significant challenge media and entertainment companies face as they fully adopt cloud technologies … managing data security.

White Paper: Security and Compliance of Cloud

Did you know that Star Wars was one of the first movies about a data breach? No one really thinks “cybersecurity” when they watch Star Wars, but it really is an early cautionary tale of the importance of taking data security seriously. Today, security breaches in the cloud happen regularly. Christopher Porter, Fannie Mae’s Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, discusses some lessons learned from his experiences in applying security to the cloud.

White Paper: Economics of Enterprise Cloud

The advent of cloud computing and the increased demands to accelerate corporate innovation have disrupted the traditional assumptions of IT—stable workloads and predictable growth. Thomas Martin, Former CIO of General Electric, shares the strategies and tactics he used at GE and discusses how business drivers like increased business process demands and the acceleration of digital as the primary method of customer interaction have dislocated established IT economics and present IT organization with new challenges.

White Paper: Business Impact of Cloud Adoption

In an ever-changing media landscape, content-first corporations must react quickly, innovate freely, fail early and inexpensively, and rapidly scale successes to thrive. Dave Duvall, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure & Support Services at Discovery Communications, discusses the steps he took to capitalize on the disruption of an ever-changing media landscape by transitioning Discovery’s global supply chains and business systems to cloud infrastructure.

White Paper: Cloud-Enabling the Developer Community

The world of corporate IT has changed. A new class of company has emerged. These digital leaders, like Turner, are disrupting their industries, and central to this disruption is a paradigm shift in how IT departments operate. Follow along with Don Browning, VP of Cloud Architecture at Turner, as he walks you through Turner IT’s three-year journey to reinvent themselves by embracing the emerging world of cloud technology.

White Paper: Multi-Cloud Tagging Strategies

With an effective tagging strategy, any organization can achieve a greater sense of clarity and structure within a multi-cloud infrastructure. Over time, it can mature and grow in complexity as your business evolves and scales. All you need is a solid tagging foundation, an understanding of best practices, and an inspired first step.

White Paper: Shadow IT

Cloud computing has proven revolutionary for organizations hoping to leverage technology, innovation and digital strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Business units can quickly provision up compute, storage and network resources as they need without IT bottlenecks. But easy access to cloud resources has a dark side—one that’s become a growing problem: Shadow IT. Engineers, developers and even business stakeholders are launching resources that IT is unaware of. And what IT doesn’t know can come back to haunt organizations, preventing the IT department from performing critical functions such as controlling security, compliance and costs.

Discovery Q&A

During our discussion, Dave elaborated on Discovery’s hybrid cloud approach, why they moved in this direction, and the role that cloud automation and cloud management are playing in managing this hybrid cloud infrastructure.


We talked to GE Executive Thomas Martin, the Application Transformation Leader for the corporation and part of GE Digital, about the company’s current transition to the cloud.

Geek Guide

It’s no secret that the rapid growth and shift to the cloud has given IT organizations concern from almost the very start. The early promise of Software-as-a-Service—and all the other as-a-service offerings—has quickly given way to concern about security, fragmentation and vendor lock-in. If you’re like most, you’ve developed a healthy fear of black-box deployments, cloud sprawl and the gut feeling that things are more than a little out of control.

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