Case studies and success stories showcase why and how customers are using DivvyCloud, and the business benefits they have achieved.

DivvyCloud Platform Product Sheet

The DivvyCloud platform works on the concept of pervasive, near real-time cloud discovery. DivvyCloud connects to native cloud APIs to harvest data about cloud resources, regardless of how they were provisioned.

White Paper: Tagging Strategies

Tagging is critical. With the remote, virtualized and dynamic character- istics of cloud platforms, tagging is the only way to effectively manage cloud infrastructure at scale. Tags allow teams of all types (operations, IT, security and development) to know what’s what, and act appropriately on the right resources. Tags allow the organization to enable automation that maintains visibility, reduces cloud bills, and ensures security across your cloud deployments.

Discovery Q&A

During our discussion, Dave elaborated on Discovery’s hybrid cloud approach, why they moved in this direction, and the role that cloud automation and cloud management are playing in managing this hybrid cloud infrastructure.


We talked to GE Executive Thomas Martin, the Application Transformation Leader for the corporation and part of GE Digital, about the company’s current transition to the cloud.

Geek Guide

It’s no secret that the rapid growth and shift to the cloud has given IT organizations concern from almost the very start. The early promise of Software-as-a-Service—and all the other as-a-service offerings—has quickly given way to concern about security, fragmentation and vendor lock-in. If you’re like most, you’ve developed a healthy fear of black-box deployments, cloud sprawl and the gut feeling that things are more than a little out of control.

White Paper: Shadow IT

Cloud computing has proven revolutionary for organizations hoping to leverage technology, innovation and digital strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Business units can quickly provision up compute, storage and network resources as they need without IT bottlenecks. But easy access to cloud resources has a dark side—one that’s become a growing problem: Shadow IT. Engineers, developers and even business stakeholders are launching resources that IT is unaware of. And what IT doesn’t know can come back to haunt organizations, preventing the IT department from performing critical functions such as controlling security, compliance and costs.

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