Supported Clouds

DivvyCloud is dedicated to supporting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies with support for a full range of public and private cloud technologies. We add new clouds and deepen our support for existing cloud technologies on a routine basis and in response to customer requests. The DivvyCloud product team ensures our platform keeps up with changes in various cloud technologies so customers can rely on our standard, unified platform for complete visibility and control across clouds.

Featured Supported Clouds

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

Google Cloud Platform for building and hosting applications and data on Google’s scalable infrastructure.

OpenStack is a free and open-source software cloud computing platform

Supported Public Clouds

VMware vSphere



IBM Softlayer

VMware has been the virtualization engine of the enterprise for more than a decade and represents significant corporate investments

Simple cloud hosting, built for developers which specializes in servers backed with SSD storage

Rackspace Inc. is a managed cloud computing company that specializes is bare metal and virtual private servers backed with their Fanatical Support

SoftLayer is an extremely large public compute provider with over a dozen regions around the globe and a large portfolio of virtual private and bare metal service offerings

Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner

DivvyCloud’s platform integration with AWS offers customers the ability to build automated compliance and corrective action rules for their cloud deployments using DivvyCloud’s Bot Factory. Existing Bots cover a range of security and cost management use cases

Google Cloud Platform Partner Program

DivvyCloud’s support for GCP allows customers to define policies for cloud infrastructure manaement ranging from tag strategies and data governance rules, to cost optimization and security automation. DivvyCloud works with the cloud API layer of GCP to present a unified, real time view of cloud infrastructure while enabling policy inspection and enforcement through automation.

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