Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Platform for building and hosting applications and websites, storing data, and analyzing data on Google’s scalable infrastructure. Listed below are the services we currently support:

Supported Resource Types

  • Instance / Virtual Machines/li>
  • Networks / Subnets
  • Volumes
  • Snapshots
  • Firewalls
  • Google Cloud SQL

The DivvyCloud Advantage


Unified API

With DivvyCloud’s programmatic API, we’ve done the heavy lifting for customer development teams. Whether working with GCP or multiple cloud providers, our API simplifies the experience. Customers can now write tools and scripts using a single, unified API and have confidence they will work across different cloud technologies.


Multi-Cloud Taxonomy

Organize assets in new ways by leveraging DivvyCloud resource groups with auto-curation capabilities. Resource groups are a many-to-many relationship that can contain resources from multiple Azure subscriptions and any other supported cloud technology such as AWS, VMware or OpenStack. They enable IT and stakeholders to better organize and delegate permissions to cloud and application resources.



BotFactory is DivvyCloud’s revolutionary approach to cloud automation. A Bot is a piece of infrastructure automation built around the concept of “if this, then that”. For instance, if an instance doesn’t have the proper tags, then generate a notification and schedule instance stop in 4 hours. BotFactory ships with more than 100 bots that customers and service providers can deploy.


Scheduled Instances

There’s a great deal of waste with resources running on a 24x7x365 basis. Often times, development, QA and staging compute instances are required only during business hours and/or can be suspended entirely during the weekend/holidays. Using DivvyCloud’s Scheduled Instances Bot, customers can define custom stop/start schedules that can cut dramatically down their monthly bills. By coupling the feature with resource groups, we can easily define different schedules for production, development, or specific project teams as needed.


Consistent Policy Enforcement

DivvyCloud automation Bots work within our unified data model and therefore can enforce security, cost and performance policies consistently across different GCP projects as well as other clouds.


DevOps Focused

Event Driven Automation allows developers to automate infrastructure-as-code in new, innovative ways. All DivvyCloud supported resources emit “hooks” when change is detected enabling your engineering staff to execute business logic during the lifecycle of a resource. For example, when new security rules are created, DivvyCloud can check them against a predefined blacklist for compliance, or, when new instances come online, automatically add them to IPAM, DNS and monitoring systems. The possibilities are endless.

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