Automate Private Cloud Compliance

VMware has been the virtualization engine of the enterprise for more than a decade. With its proven track record, many organizations rely on VMware management consoles to allow broader access to IT infrastructure. DivvyCloud allows customers to define operating policies and standards for their VMware environments and implement these policies with automation. DivvyCloud Bots can automatically ensure that users aren’t over-provisioning or exceeding CPU, memory and storage allocations. Once enabled, your Bots can enforce these standards to existing infrastructure, to infrastructure changes, and to virtual resources created in the future.

VMWare Supported Services

  • Virtual Machines
  • Datastores
  • Hypervisors
  • Networks
  • Data Centers

Coming Soon

  • Subnets
  • Firewalls
  • Tags
  • Virtual Machine Metrics
  • Resource Pools

The DivvyCloud Advantage


The Merger of Public and Private Cloud

While many organizations have been using VMware for years, VMware is now enabling hybrid cloud with private cloud familiarity and public cloud elasticity! This brings a new level of potential to a familiar virtualization experience, combining the best of both worlds and eliminating the steep learning curve that many teams face when adopting public cloud. However, the cloud shared responsibility model shifts the compliance and governance burden to the customer. DivvyCloud provides continuous policy compliance and security automation in near real-time for VMware and VMware on AWS.


The First Compliance Solution for VMware on AWS

With its history of providing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud visibility and active enforcement of cloud policy to leading enterprises worldwide, DivvyCloud is proud to be an official ISV for compliance and governance of VMware Cloud on AWS.


Unified Platform

With DivvyCloud’s programmatic API we’ve done the heavy lifting for customer development teams. Working with VMWare or hybrid cloud environments, our API simplifies the experience. Customers can now define compliance rules through a unified API and have confidence they will work across private and public cloud technologies.


Scheduled VMs

Machines running 24x7x365 keep your hypervisors saturated. Oftentimes, development, QA and staging compute machines that are required only during business hours and/or can be suspended entirely during the weekend/holidays. Using DivvyCloud’s Scheduled Instances Bot, customers can define custom stop/start schedules that can help you keep resources available to your organization. By coupling the feature with resource groups, we can easily define different schedules for production, development, or specific project teams as needed.


Networks, Tags and More

VMware environments are more than just the VMs. There are underlying hypervisors, resource pools, datastores and networks that provide the glue for the applications, databases and workloads. Trying to manage these resources in a Also, with fast-moving environment requires a cloud-native approach like resource tagging. Use DivvyCloud to enforce an organization-wide tagging structure and to ensure that policies are followed pervasively. Also, DivvyCloud lets you inspect and correct problems with network-layer security and data protection through Bot automation.


Virtual Machine Right-Sizing

Too often, end-users overprovision capacity resulting in thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses every month. Idle instance detection allows IT, users and other stakeholders to know what instances are underutilized and, therefore, are candidates for downsizing or termination.


Operating System Image Compliance

Your operations and security teams put in effort hardening operating systems, installing corporate required packages and sharing VM templates. But how can you be sure that these are the operating system images that are being deployed across your VMware environments? DivvyCloud allows you to define a whitelist of authorized instance images, and monitor in near real-time for all new virtual machines coming online. Generate alerts or automatically terminate VMs that are noncompliant with DivvyCloud.

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