Risk Assessment & Auditing

Assess compliance and make informed decisions about how to improve it.

DivvyCloud helps security, governance, risk, and compliance professionals quickly assess risk and make informed decisions about how to manage and remediate risk. In order to build trust, organizations must be able to prove to executives, auditors, and stakeholders that their cloud environments are well-governed.


Our Compliance Scorecard delivers a visual representation of risk aligned with regulatory standards, industry standards, or your own corporate standards; through an interactive heat map. This heat map provides a unified view across all cloud environments and can be filtered by facets like cloud environment, account, business unit, application, risk profile, compliance standard, etc.


The Compliance Scorecard assists teams of all types (auditors, operations, security, and compliance) in identifying areas where risk exists, as well as providing guidance for acting appropriately to remediate this risk.

It provides a way to prove to executives and auditors, through data, of the current and historical state of security and compliance. Additionally, it can be used to deliver actionable and understandable data to business units and teams to demonstrate where security posture improvement is necessary and how their security posture is trending.  Results can be downloaded as a stylized Excel spreadsheet, emailed on a daily or weekly cadence, or even exported to cloud storage.

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“DivvyCloud is a way to deploy policy, minimize blast radius and give developers the freedom to operate within the guide rails of safety.”

Thomas Martin

Head of Application Modernization, GE Digital