After conducting in-depth research, our parent company, Rapid7, has developed the 2020 National / Industry/ Cloud Exposure Report. The NICER Report explores how exposed the internet is today. 

Much of our personal, professional, and social lives reside on the internet, particularly now, in the midst of a global health pandemic. But how vulnerable is all this information? How exposed are our lives? Colleagues at our parent company, Rapid7, explored this idea by conducting in-depth research to find out how exposed the internet is today. The 2020 National / Industry/ Cloud Exposure Report presents the key findings and analysis of Rapid7’s research. 

This report is an essential read for many individuals, not just those of us in cloud security. It includes:

  • a ranking of geographic hotspots for internet exposure 
  • analysis of exposure within specific industries
  • technical security assessments of service protocols 
  • comparative analysis on how secure the internet is this year vs. last year
  • practical guidance and advice for IT and security teams, cloud providers, and government cybersecurity agencies.

As the title of the report suggests, Rapid7 offers some great insights into the state of cloud exposure. They aptly picked up on a key part of DivvyCloud’s recurring messaging — that continuous cloud security isn’t a one-time effort. Not only is having a “set it and forget it” mentality insufficient, it’s dangerous. Now more than ever, we are seeing neglected or forgotten cloud resources create vulnerabilities and wreaking havoc on cloud environments. 

Check out Rapid7’s full report here

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