Unified Visibility and Monitoring

Minimize risk with unified security and compliance posture across environments.

Unified visibility allows you to monitor and understand security and compliance posture across all of your cloud and containers through a standardized asset inventory. DivvyCloud employs a unique two-tiered monitoring strategy that uses both API polling and an event-driven approach for faster detection of changes to cloud service configurations to achieve real-time automation and remediation.  

DivvyCloud standardizes multi-cloud data to make it accessible and actionable. Standardization allows security professionals to write policies to resource types, not to specific cloud service provider (CSP) services, making cloud security more accessible and future-proofing policies as new services are released by CSPs. For example, DivvyCloud has developed standard terminology used to describe cloud services across cloud environments. In DivvyCloud, you will not see provider-specific resource names like S3 Bucket (AWS), Blob Storage Container (Microsoft Azure), Cloud Storage (Azure), or Swift (OpenStack). Instead, DivvyCloud uses the normalized terminology “Storage Container” for all of these.

By offering a standardized asset inventory, you can apply a unified policy and automated real-time remediation across all of your environments for an approach that is sustainable, comprehensive, and forward-looking. Additionally, DivvyCloud’s standardized asset inventory is fully accessible via API and this data can be used to orchestrate cloud operations.

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Thomas Martin

Head of Application Modernization, GE Digital