People across the organization impact cloud infrastructure many ways

They access the cloud by…

Cloud Console

Auto Scaling

Management Platform

Cloud Native API

Users interact with the cloud on a daily basis multitude ways. Whether via a provisioning tool, or directly through a cloud console or API, users (and systems) make changes to cloud infrastructure every minute of every day.


DivvyCloud continually harvests data across clouds and accounts detecting change.  Automation and active policy enforcement allow customers to embrace the speed and agility of cloud while still maintaining compliance around security, cost and performance.

What is Cloud Automation?


Identify non-compliant resources, quarantine and heal them back into compliance instantly

Retro Active Policy

Apply policy changes and optimize cloud resources wherever, however they were provisioned

Automated Cost Reduction

Identify and automatically resize, stop or terminate underutilized resources

Extended Integration

Work with other policy or orchestration engines to effect changes in your cloud environment

What is Cloud Management?

Situational Awareness

A real-time, pervasive and in-depth view of your entire multi-cloud infrastructure

Security Assurance

Track and manage firewall rules, users, packages, keys and other key aspects of infrastructure security

Simplified Cloud Management

Single, in-depth pane of glass into resources across clouds and cloud accounts with standardized life cycle controls

Unified Cost Tracking

Get insight into the cost of your cloud resources