DivvyCloud CEO, Brian Johnson, was interviewed by Heather Quinn, Executive Leaders Radio, about how he came to be the executive leader he is today. The interview covers Johnson’s life between the ages of 9-14 and how that impacted his career later, with a deeper dive on his struggles with formal education and his belief that passion is a driving force for overcoming adversity.

While it’s not a panel discussion, there will be three other guests (listed below) alongside Brian telling their stories as well.

Other Guests:

  • Jodie Hughes, Regional President of BB&T Bank
  • Bruce McNamer, President, and CEO of Greater Washington Community Foundation www.cfncr.org
  • Kathleen Cannon, Managing Partner of Kelly Drye & Warren www.kellydrye.com

The segment will air locally on Sunday, July 8th, from 9-10am on WFED/1500AM and is simulcast on WWFD/820AM (www.federalnewsradio.com). It will also broadcast nationally on Saturday, July 15th, from 7-8am (EST) on Biz Talk Radio: www.biztalkradio.com and www.tunein.com (“Best of Executive Leaders Radio” is also broadcast on Sundays).