IAM Protection

Automate IAM best practices to protect your identity perimeter at scale.

DivvyCloud helps govern Identity and Access Management (IAM) and adopt a unified zero trust security model across your cloud and container environments. In these environments, everything has an identity: users, applications, services, and systems. This provides enormous flexibility, but also creates the opportunity for substantial risk, as every service is potentially reachable by every other one, regardless of location, but only if an implicit trust is defined.  DivvyCloud helps you address this perimeter fluidity and the substantial challenges created by security professionals having to govern cloud environments at scale.


Protecting the identity perimeter at scale requires automated monitoring and remediation around access management, role management, identity authentication, and compliance auditing.  DivvyCloud helps you build a circle of trusted identities and layers of trust.

Policy management

Ensure that you’ve implemented and managed your policies appropriately including identity-based policies, resource-based policies, permission boundaries, service control policies, access control lists, and session policies.

Strong authentication

Enforce MFA policies on cloud user accounts

Least privilege

Provide checks to restrict identities to do no more than they are supposed to.

Secure service accounts

Manage service accounts and service account keys securely.


Enforcing best practices for the use of audit logs and cloud logging roles.

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Customers Love and Trust DivvyCloud

“DivvyCloud is a way to deploy policy, minimize blast radius and give developers the freedom to operate within the guide rails of safety.”

Thomas Martin

Head of Application Modernization, GE Digital