We live in a data driven world, so it’s important to be good stewards of our own data and the data of others. Each year on January 28, we have a dedicated opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information; encourage compliance with privacy laws and regulations; and create dialogues among stakeholders interested in advancing data protection and privacy. 

We continue to see massive data breaches in the news because companies aren’t recognizing the rate of change and aren’t taking their cloud security posture seriously. These companies believe they are faced with a lose-lose choice: either innovate in the cloud and accept the risk of suffering a data breach, or play it safe with existing on-premise infrastructure and lose out to more agile and modern competitors. In reality, companies can accelerate innovation without loss of control in the cloud. Companies can innovate while maintaining security, but they must adopt the proper cloud strategies and solutions. Because we work in the cloud security industry, we think about data privacy and protection constantly. In fact, DivvyCloud automates compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and other regulations governing the use of data. For example, the ”Database Instance Publicly Accessible With Attached Exposed Security Group” policy supports compliance with Article 25 of GDPR.

The value of DivvyCloud as a product in relation to data privacy and protection is clear. But what are the most signficant data privacy and protection concerns of the employees who work here? 

A quick survey of DivvyCloud employees revealed that the following topics of interest related to data privacy:

  1. Password privacy/sophistication and phishing
  2. Data tradeoffs in exchange for something of value (technology, apps, access, etc.)
  3. Multi-factor authentication

Throughout the day, many of my colleagues engaged in meaningful conversations about data privacy and protection. 

“What is our data worth?

“What is the most secure approach to proving identity?” 

These were some of the thought provoking questions overheard at DivvyCloud headquarters today. 

As a company, we are engaged with securing data every day. The laws and regulations governing data use drive our product. As individuals, our intellectual curiosity drives us to know more and participate collectively.

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