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What instances count toward my subscription fee?

Instances are comprised of compute (eg: AWS EC2), database (eg: AWS RDS), cache (eg: AWS Elasticache) and big data (AWS Redshift) nodes.

The size of the instance (small instances vs. XXL) does not matter.

What is the subscription time period?
Our standard term is one year but we are happy to discuss alternative timeframes (monthly, quarterly, or multi-year) as appropriate for each customer.
Does it matter where the cloud resources are located or how they are provisioned?
No, as long as they are located within a supported public or private cloud account accessible by the DivvyCloud software.
What happens if I scale resources beyond my current subscription level?

First, nothing in the DivvyCloud software licensing will limit your ability to scale the number of resources. DivvyCloud calculates fee levels based on the average instance count in each month. If you scale up infrastructure to a larger number of resources for a limited period of time, you may not exceed the current subscription level. On the other hand, if your infrastructure simply grows to exceed your current subscription level for consecutive months, DivvyCloud will contact you and invoice you at the appropriate level.

What level of Support do I get?
All subscriptions include online access to DivvyCloud’s support site and “knowledge bank”. Email and phone support may also be included during normal business hours. DivvyCloud will continue to expand and evolve its support framework in response to customer requirements.

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