OpenStack Automation at Scale

OpenStack is a free and open-source cloud technology platform primarily deployed as a corporate infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or private cloud, solution. It has quickly ascended to be the leading choice for companies looking to adopt an open source cloud technology. Increasingly, hosting providers and managed service providers (MSPs) are turning to OpenStack as a platform to build public cloud IaaS offerings as well. OpenStack has gained extensive community support from today’s leading software and hardware companies including Redhat, IBM, HP and Dell to name a few. As an emerging platform, there are technology gaps in tools needed to support, maintain and monitor the technology. DivvyCloud can help.

DivvyCloud’s support for OpenStack covers the most popular services and enables customers to effectively manage and automate their deployment(s) at scale alongside today’s most popular public cloud technologies such as  Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Listed below is an overview of the OpenStack services DivvyCloud supports, as well as examples of value provided to customers.

Supported Types

Nova (Compute)

  • Server actions (start, stop, terminate, suspend, etc.)
  • Provisioning
  • Console/VNC
  • Limits/Quotas
  • Instance metadata
  • Hypervisor
  • Dependencies (attached volumes, network interface, security groups)

Cinder (Block Storage)

  • Volume actions (attach, detach, delete, etc.)
  • Creation
  • Snapshots/Backups
  • Limits/Quotas
  • Volume Types
  • Dependencies (attachments)
  • Volume configuration


  • Identity federation
  • Permissions management
  • Role-based access

Swift (Object Storage)

  • Find all containers
  • Container meta-data
  • Lifecycle actions (create, delete, etc.)

Quantum/Neutron (Networking)

  • Network actions (create, delete, etc.)
  • Subnet actions (create, delete, etc.)
  • Network interface (port) actions
  • Security groups
  • Security group rules and actions (add/remove rule)
  • Router actions

Trove (Databases)

  • Lifecycle actions (create, delete, etc.)
  • Database visibility and associations
  • Flavor resizing
  • Provisioning
  • Limits/quotas
  • Instance metadata
  • Create database

The DivvyCloud Advantage



DivvyCloud software is typically deployed on-premise behind the corporate firewall. This enables easy and secure access to OpenStack cluster(s) without the need of site-to-site VPN or open firewalls to an external connection. This helps with regulatory and compliance standards, as well as corporate security standards.  

Improve Visibility

Supporting large multi-cluster OpenStack deployments has never been easier. Whether you have a single cluster with a handful of tenants or a multi-cluster deployment with hundreds of nodes, DivvyCloud provides feature-rich, easy-to-use UI and robust programmatic API to manage and automate OpenStack deployments.  

Unified Experience

OpenStack has nuances that differ dramatically from AWS and other popular cloud options. DivvyCloud represents these cloud resources in a uniform fashion via the user interface and programmatic API which makes provisioning, managing and executing lifecycle actions easier for stakeholders. Also, a unified approach allows customers to build and deploy a single policy automation and apply it to multiple clouds from multiple providers. DivvyCloud can provide the proverbial single pane of glass that customers and service providers alike need.  

Intelligent Taxonomy

Take OpenStack inventory to new heights by leveraging resource groups with auto-curation capabilities. DivvyCloud takes taxonomy to another level with resource groups. Resource groups are a many-to-many relationship that enable customers to better organize cloud resources and share them with the appropriate personnel. Not only are resources easier to identify, but Resource Groups come equipped with robust permission, auditing and reporting capabilities.  

DevOps Focused

Event Driven Automation allows developers to automate infrastructure-as-code in new, innovative ways. All DivvyCloud supported resources emit “hooks” when change is detected enabling your engineering staff to execute business logic during the lifecycle of a resource. For example, when new security groups are created DivvyCloud can check them against a predefined blacklist for compliance, or when new instances come online automatically add them to IPAM, DNS and monitoring systems. The possibilities are endless.  


BotFactory is DivvyCloud’s revolutionary approach to cloud automation. A Bot is a piece of infrastructure automation built around the concept of “if this, then that”. For instance, if an instance doesn’t have the proper tags, then generate a notification and schedule instance stop in 4 hours. BotFactory ships with more than 100 bots that customers and service providers can deploy. Bots for OpenStack include, but are not limited to:

  • Terminate unattached volumes
  • Inspect security groups and closed unauthorized open ports
  • Find instance types out of corporate standard
  • Start / stop instances on schedule
  • Automatically find and fix tagging problems
  • Clean out snapshots over a certain age

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