Re:invent is one of the cloud computing world’s biggest events, and it’s just around the corner! Whether this is your first time visiting attending or you’ve been before, with an expected 40,000 attendees, more than 400 exhibitors, more than 1,000 breakout sessions and plenty of late night activities this event can be a little challenging to navigate. Here are our top five tips on how to make the most out of your re:invent experience in 2017.

1. Pick the breakout sessions you want to attend and pre-register for them ASAP– Get the most out of the event by signing up for some of the 1000+ breakout sessions and bootcamps ahead of time. There were many disappointed attendees last year when they couldn’t get into sessions they were looking forward to attending. It may take a little time to get your schedule figured out in advance, but something we strongly recommend doing so you don’t miss out!

2. Pack accordingly to get your game on — re:Invent is THE MUST ATTEND cloud event of the year and AWS doesn’t take the cake for their education sessions alone. One of the best parts of this event is the AWSome line up of activities throughout the week. Take advantage of them to avoid mid-week brain burnout! Some of these activities are: 4K Fun Run, re:Play Party, the Broomball Tournament, the Lego Pinewood Derby, the Chicken Wing Eating Contest, and the Pub Crawl…just to name a few! You can check out the full list of activities here. You can register for these events with your event log-in. Be sure to pack clothing suitable for the ones you want to participate in. Blazers won’t really work for the ball pit!

3. Wear comfy shoes — Everyone who has EVER been to a Las Vegas trade show knows the pain your feet are in by day 3. Vegas = walking. Lots of walking. While there are plenty of transportation options; rail, Uber, Lyft, and rental cars to get you around town, those only cover the outdoors. Once you’re inside the massive hotels and convention center, you’ll be walking quite a ways to your destination. Bottom line; if you don’t have a pair of comfy sneakers for the week, order a pair on Amazon before you run out of time. There are some things you can go without in Vegas. However, a good pair of shoes is NOT one of them.

4. Download this year’s re:Invent mobile app – Download the re:Invent mobile app for all the latest event updates, assistance in planning your schedule beforehand, and especially to help you navigate around town during the event. The app is your go-to source for everything pertaining to the event this year. There are some cool interactive features to take advantage of so be sure to check it out!

5. Leave extra space in your suitcase for swag — With more than 400 exhibitors, you’ll inevitably collect lots of swag throughout the week. As you’re strolling through the Exhibit Hall in between sessions, you’ll pick up everything from tee shirts, stickers, fidget spinners, water bottles, drones, tech toys, and more. You’re going to end up with way more than you started with at the beginning of the week. Leave extra space in your suitcase or pack an extra duffle bag so you can lug all those goodies home on Friday! While strolling through the Exhibit Hall, play DivvyCloud’s arcade game and don’t forget to pick-up THE sticker of the day! We’re booth #1502. You can’t miss us this year!

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